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Installing Programs Without Root Access


If you need to install a program that is not already available on your linux workstation, you can compile the program from source and install it into your home directory. This does not require root access, and if you need to work on another workstation of the same architecture, programs in your home directory will also be available to you there.

First, create a folder called bin in your home directory if it does not already exist. In this folder, you can place pre-compiled binaries of many Linux applications, such as Firefox. If the program you need is not available as a precompiled binary, you may be able to compile it yourself. Just download the source archive of your desired program, extract the source of the application, and cd into the resulting directory. Then, run the following:

./configure --prefix=$HOME
make install

If you would like to run the resulting program from a terminal, you can run it directly from it's containing directory, or add the path of your ~/bin folder to your unix $PATH variable.

Please note that SBGrid is not responsible for resolving dependencies or supporting applications that you build yourself. If you need a program for work that you cannot compile and you feel would be a valuable addition to the SBGrid software tree, please use the New Software Request form.

Firefox Plugins

If you need to install a plugin for Firefox, such as Adobe Flash, you can put the plugin .so file into your Mozilla plugins folder, located at ~/.mozilla/plugins

After you install your desired plugin, restart Firefox, and then enter about:plugins into the address bar, and look for the plugin in the list to verify its installation.